We caught up with Milt, now let’s catch up with Sedna! When we last saw her, she was busy fighting off mind control! Looks like she finally did it (Thyra’s control weakens the further away you get from her, Thyra knows this and is mostly glad she doesn’t have to deal with her when she finally wakes up), let’s see how she’s doing. :3


Also, if you go back and check out the these three pages of Chapter One (starting here) you may find some differences! That’s because they’re different! I replaced them with something that makes Ursa’s motivations a lot more concise, and bleeds into her decision to restart Aud a lot better. If you want some compare and contrast, the tumblr mirror (which I’m abandoning once this interlude is over) still has the old pages. Or, you can pledge a dollar to my patreon and see them there, along with some fun monthly sketchbooks! Even better, if you pledge THREE dollars, you can read updates WAY ahead of time – I’m currently making pages that won’t go up until NOVEMBER. That’s over 100 days from now! >:0