do NOT get me started on how difficult that middle panel was to color, oh my god. Here it is pre-lighting.

The original gag for this page actually had Rei changing colors rapidly in the scene, and somehow he glowed? Because each panel was supposed to be a different color and THAT’S what gave Hammer the migraine. It was meant to be a reference to color shifting lizards, but it was confusing and didn’t really make sense. But the joke that “they collected so much gold and the combined shininess/light presentation gave Hammer a migraine” doesn’t really connect either. I’m dissatisfied with this gag! I want to go back and make it more glittery!! More freaking gold, please! Maybe have Rei stay in dragon form so it connects better? Idk I’m over it.

But you know what I’m NOT over???

Trying to light the thing so that you understand why someone would get a migraine but NOT be obnoxious to look at! I have many negative associations with this page, is all.

I still like Hammer’s snappy comeback tho, feels very sibling to me.


hehe, Rei’s face was so much more bitchy in the sketch.

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