well this was a fun chapter! That said, I got some major burnout going on over here, so I’m afraid Humanish is gonna be on hiatus until I rebuild that sweet sweet buffer. Sorry, but I’ve got capstone projects and actual freelancing work to focus on. A shame we have to hit pause on a cliffhanger, but that just be how free webcomics work sometimes. Updates will be posted to my Patreon only until I have enough to post publicly again.

That said, who asked for a chapter recap?? I did!

  • Kierra and Sidd get along great and love each other very much. Sure hope nothing bad happens to them!
  • Diggory got blown up BUT he’s fine! Turns out that regeneration magic is pretty powerful!
  • Ursa and Torah confront each other in the cave and things get… heated. And by ‘things’ I mean ‘Torah’s hair and gloves’
  • Ursa insists that she wasn’t the one who set fire to Sage Grove, but Torah is A) drugged and B) very stubborn, so she just ignores that part
  • Milt confesses to Sidd that he drugged Sidd’s big sister! Sidd doesn’t take it well, but you know what he takes even less well?
  • Kierra may or may not have been crushed to death by a building, but Sidd’s always been an optimist, so we’re going with “she’s fine and everything is chill”
  • Sidd asks Milt to help stop the riots, and Milt responds by partaking in the riots. Not really what he wanted, Milt!! You’re really not what anyone wanted!!!
  • Auburn has Cool Lightning Magic but Ursa is Cooler and bests both of them in combat, successfully slicing Torah’s neck open.
  • Dw Torah laughs it off
  • Oh right, Terrance is killed by some mooks, and he’s so offended by this that he comes back to life
  • Sidd unlocks his secret mind control magic powers, Torah unlocks her hidden specter form, and Terrance unlocks the secret to straight up disintegrating some bitches

Next chapter is gonna be all about stopping Specter Terrance (Spectrance), and I’m very excited for this Humanish arc to enter it’s 3rd act! Can you believe that this was all one chapter originally? Oh god, the pain. Anyway, between work and school, I don’t think there’s going to be another update this month. So chances are, I’ll see you all next year!