The citizens of Redwood were content to live a life of relatively peaceful Darwinism, until a mysterious lady showed up and ruined the status quo. Torah Omehia and her friends take it upon themselves to bring this troublemaker down before she gains too much power– a task that proves difficult when you’re always one step behind. Updates Tuesdays and Fridays.

All characters in this comic are co-owned by the lovely HanNimble, light of my life. We’ve granted one another permission to use these characters in whatever creative endeavor we would like- love ya nims!


Farmers: the local slang for people capable of super-human strength and endurance. They are typically barred from “civilized areas” for causing too much collateral damage, leaving them to get jobs out in the country as– well, guess. In Blueridge, they are called Soldiers. What’s their actual name? No one knows, and at this point no one cares.

Magicians: A person with very powerful control over their powers, and typically have more than one magical ability, to boot. They also tend to be freaky tall. Basically the opposite of a farmer, and in Blueridge, being a magician is not only a status symbol, but a requirement to serve on the council.

The Oracles of Aud: A currently disbanded group of scholars who were formed around rediscovering the knowledge lost in their world’s dark ages. Ursa plans on revitalizing the group.