This update brought to you by my bff nimble! If you’re unaware, we’ve been friends for liiiiiiike 7? Years? A while! Only getting longer. We’ve been sharing all the Humanish characters for that time period as well! Before adopting them all under my wing, Humanish had a sister comic that had the same cast, but in a high fantasy setting instead. And before that, they were FC’s and OC’s that we played around with! You can probably tell which characters sprouted from Nimble’s brain and which one’s I popped out (hint: it’s the one’s with the cool names), but I’m the sole creator of this webcomic proper, so all her characters have been filtered through my writing lens! This is why Kingfisher is the way she is, sorry nims.

Anyway, I love her very much, she’s awesome. You should check her out on her:



tumblr art blog!


As always, thanks for reading!