Welcome to the edgiest thing I’ve ever drawn lol

This chapter there’s gonna be fighting, death, and lots of blood. General content warning for the second half of the chapter, there’s gonna be body horror and gore, and it’ll be rad as hell.


Coming back after scheduling this to let people know that the production of future Humanish pages has been halted! I mean, there’s enough of a buffer to last us until sometime in May, but I’ve stopped making MORE pages. One of the comics classes I was taking for fun was moved online-only due to the virus, and one alternative way to complete the class is to create a short-story comic for the webtoons competition that’s been announced. Idk about you, but that sounds like ideal mini-comic material!

For $1 a month you can begin reading Cold Shoulder, an Auburn/Diggory centered story that features everyone’s favorite tropes: “Introducing Your Socially Inept Boyfriend to Your Little Sister”, “Oh No My Little Sister Hates My Boyfriend How Could This Happen He’s So Likeable”, “I Found This Child And I Will Adopt It It’s Mine Now”, and “Oh My God One Of Ursa’s Crazy Sisters Is Here”. It’s still just starting but if you like cute, gay, established relationships with a side slice of sass, danger, and bonding over babies, considering pledging! And then do pledge. All the internship opportunities have dried up thanks to the virus and I am sad.