ursa is really cool and clever you guys

Also hey! If you’re reading this, I’m back in college! I feel like I don’t give enough life updates so ummmm our family dog died recently, but he was old and lived a good life so I’m not super sad about him dying. Like, it was his time, he’s in a better place where the arthritis can’t get him. My little brother finally went off to big boy college, my other little brother is afraid of middle school bullies, my other other little brother is still excited for school. My older brother got a new mattress and made his own mattress board, and my last remaining brother is still trying to get a life (boom roasted jk he makes more money than I ever will). I would have insulted all my brothers but he’s the only one who reads this comic and I ain’t no coward. Anyway I’m happy to be back in college! Always nice to see friends and do work I enjoy again.