It’s May 12 and I’m in the middle of finals! Wish me luck on stuff!!

Also, this friday is the LAST buffered update for Humanish since I started working on Cold Shoulder. As of me typing this, I’m inking the second part now on April 14th, so! THIS chapter will be going on hiatus, but hiatuses are frankly awful for readership, so I’m gonna do my best to make sure there’s still content being uploaded here! Behind the scene stuff n’ stuff!

On the other hand, the webtoon submission should have started, so if all goes well and I remember to like, link back here, I’ll able to send you somewhere you can read Cold Shoulder for free! At least the parts that are done. Most likely it’ll be wrapped up in June, and then I’ll be taking July to build up a buffer again. I was able to squeeze 4 years of updates out of a buffer, do NOT underestimate how necessary those things are. Please be patient while I build one back up again!

Also going back to early Humanish is kind of painful but from what we HAVE seen of Sage Grove, it was VERY not green. Whoops!