Remember last chapter after Milt made his First Good Decision ™, and I said that was the low point in his character arc? Fun behind the scenes fact of that! Originally Milt about to throw down with a group of maybe-evil-but-maybe-just-panicking-individuals was framed positively and was his Cool Guy Badass moment. There are some things you just don’t think about until you actually sit down to draw a scene and have to be like “wait, why am I framing violence as the answer to Milt’s problems?? That’s like, the opposite of his wants and needs, holy shit that’s so obvious in retrospect”.

And then you question your understanding of your own characters (well technically characters you borrowed from a friend of 8+ years but shhhh they’re mine now she’s abandoned her babies) and you wonder if you’re even that good of a writer or if you’re ARTS even that good and that’s 95% of the comic-making process lol. I really do like my comic, no worries! But sometimes the obvious doesn’t slap you in the face so much as gore you over the drawing tablet.


Also heads up! Next page someone eats a Milt Mallet.