This is future Katharine acknowledging the lack of bloody Milt, but wow she’s really tired right now. She thinks that maybe being back in college where she has a lot of work to do while also being largely isolated from all of her friends is taking a toll on her mental health. 🙁 Milt will remain bloodless for the time being. She also appreciates your readership and comments, despite the fact that responding to questions feels like a monumental task right now. But she reads them all and loves them. She’ll see you all again when the days look brighter!


don’t let the fact that Auburn looks cool here make you forget that he 100% brushed off Diggory today. >:( Think of all the gay romance we’re missing because he wanted to go draw MUSHROOMS and then fight a woman in a cave.

Diggory’s eyes take the longest to regenerate! That’s a fun fact. This comic will continue to tastefully cover his dick so it’s up to you, the reader, to decide if that’s regenerated or if it’s still riddled with blue mushrooms. Yes, I just wanted you to picture a mushroom dick you’re SO welcome.