Happy end of the chapter and a whopping page 400 for Humanish (not counting covers because I didn’t think about them until now)! Also happy Valentines Day, I give you a romantic meet-up in a cave!

Alright alright, one more chapter down, tiny recap text, do your thing-

  • Moss successfully got to first base with Ursa, good luck with that my dude
  • Milt was bullied into being more of a miserable twat by his own subconscious, he decided to reinvent himself as a Lifewort kin
  • Speaking of Lifewort, we learn that he’s adopted Milt and also had some major beef with that Super Hot Guy
  • Auburn ghosted Diggory and he’s all sad about it 🙁 Also he hates his job 🙁
  • Mushrooms sprout from dead bodies. This is a cool fact. Everyone gets their own special mushroom.
  • Torah and Sidd are sort of on the outs, communication-wise. Torah doesn’t know why, Lifewort 2.0 doesn’t help much
  • Torah is like, but he knows I love him, why would he be scared of me?
  • Milt is like, idk you’d think loving someone would be enough.
  • Milt then drugs Torah out of love (oh my god it’s like, a moral), but to his surprise it does not make him less of a loser. Weird.
  • Torah goes back to the cave fueled by spite and rage.
  • Diggory doesn’t get shot but he does taste the consequences of unsafe motorcycle operation. Moss got shot instead!!! But WHY Saoirse??? (spoiler: point one)


And that’s it! The comic will be taking a break for a few weeks. In place of Humanish, the 14-page Vainglorious fancomic I made will be going up instead, every MWF. You can read the comic in its entirety here. These pages will just have extra commentary, background info, and will be a fun way to cover the break between chapters! If you haven’t read Vainglorious, go read it! I keep seeing more and more people talking about it, so jump on the bandwagon! If you’re uninterested, the cover for chapter 5 will be up March 24th! See you then!