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If it feels like this fight with Ursa is kind of laughable just think about how SHE feels. A drugged up ho and a homeless man are trying to fight a woman who’s Been Here A Lot. Anyway Auburn and Torah need to work on tactical strategy and also Torah should maybe probably sober up lol


I’m happy with the flow of this page though! I think the elements come together in a way that doesn’t feel super awkward. The biggest joy I get out of Humanish is definitely the transitional / composite actions panels. I really enjoy being able to deliver simultaneous scenes and finding different ways to tie them together! In this case, the crack of the baseball bat and the crack of Auburn’s piss-poor decision making. Or just a few pages back, where Ursa, Terrance, and Milt all share a brief pause before resuming their respective plot threads. I’m not sure if I’d be able to explore this sort of delivery in other visual mediums – it’s something special I can tie to comics and it really makes writing large stories fun!