Hey no update today! The pages are finished but I mis-scheduled and missed today’s date for an update. In full transparency, yes I am being lazy but also I have a project due in 30 minutes so I don’t have time to care! This is easier for me, and no, it won’t become a habit nor do I hope it will permanently taint your view of my work ethic. 🙁 Give me a day, man.


This would be a good time to explain that because Torah’s mom was a farmer (which as explained ALLLL the way back in Chapter 1 have inherent magic resistance and are tough-as-nails iron bodied strong cuties, no I’m not linking because I avoid Chapter 1 as much as possible, it’s like reading something from a completely different person and it’s weird), she herself has magic resistance. In Chapter Two Thyra informed Sedna that her magic might be less effective against people like that, and the same rule applies to Auburn. So Torah will probably have a really bad stomach ache later once the adrenaline wears off, but she’s not in any danger of dying from magic lightning. REAL lighting would be a different story.